This list, compiled in 1833 is only of what were designated 'chief' inhabitants and so is far from being a list of everyone who lived in Harthill\Woodall\Kiveton. Wives, children, servants, labourers, etc. are noticeable by their absence. To get a more comprehensive listing you need to check out the 1831 census records (see genealogy links page).

Just 30 years in their future lay the opening of Kiveton colliery, and the influx of thousands of miners and their families into the area (including some of my ancestors), as the Duke if Leeds leased mineral rights to Kiveton Park Coal CO. LTD. 1864. It would change the nature of the area completely.

Marked: (1) Kiveton; (2) Woodall; The Rest, Harthill.

Alderderson, Rev. Jonathan, A.M., Taylor, Wm.-Cattle dealer.
Beedham, Wm.-Tailor (1) Wilkinson, Wm.-Surgeon.
(2) Buck, Elizabeth-Shokeeper. (2) Wilks, Miss E.
(2) Buck, Mark-Wheelwright. (2) Wilks, Geo.-Cooper.
(2) Chambers, Thos.-Gardener. Kay, Jno. (boot & shoemakers)
Chapman, Geo.-Stonemason. Lakin, Jno. (boot & shoemakers)
Cutts, Sarah-Mason. Mullins, E.G. & s (boot & shoemakers)
Foulds, Geo.- Schoolmaster. Pearce, John (boot & shoemakers)
Glossop, Chas.-Beerhouse Robert, G. & Rd (boot & shoemakers)
Glossop, Francis-Vict. (Blue Bell) (2) Union, Jno (boot & shoemakers)
Glossop, John-Whetstone Maker (2) Booth, Jno (farmers)
(1) Grant, Geo.-Gamekeeper. (2) Clarke, Wm (farmers)
(1) Hall, John, Esq.-Kiveton Park. Duckworth, Sam (farmers)
Hancock, Chas.-Shopkeeper. . Flockton, Thomas (farmers)
Hicks, Jas.-Gentleman. . Foulds, Mary (farmers)
Holmes, Jph.-Vict (Bee Hive) & lime burner Glossop, Geo (farmers)
Hydes, John-Baker & flour dealer Glossop, Jno. (farmers)
Kirkby, Jno.-Wheelwright. Glossop, Wm. (farmers)
Nock, Mary-Vict. (Square& Compass) (2) Hancock, Chas. (farmers)
Nock, William-Mason. Holmes, Geo (farmers)
Oldale, Jno.-Butcher (2) Hydes, Wm (farmers)
Pattison, Geo.-Tanner Jenkinson, Sam. (farmers)
Pearce, Saml.-Surgeon Lister, Ed. (farmers)
Peat, Wm.-Tailor Ruther'orth, Geo. (farmers)
Plant, Benjamin-Blacksmith. (2) Stainland, Chas (farmers)
(1) Platts, Mary-Tea dealer (2) Stainland, Geo (farmers)
Stacey, Geo. -Butcher. (2) Taylor, Wm (farmers)
Storey, Barnett & Jno.-Nail makers. (2) Walker, Joseph (farmers)
(2) Walker, Jno (farmers)
Waterhouse, S. T. (farmers)
Wilkinson, Wm. (farmers)
Glossop, Francis, Maltster (farmers)
Holmes, Geo.-Maltster.
(2) Clarke, Wm - carrier
Malley, Thos.-Carrier
Shipstone, Geo.-Carrier.

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