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The picture below is 4 photos scanned and pasted together. I took them from the top of Kiveton pit's waste heap (I'm not sure how high it was back then but I'd guess 2 or 3 hundred feet) in the winter of 1982/83. At that time the miner's strike was still a year away. The snow gives good relief to a scene that's changed massively in the intervening 20 odd years. Most notable changes are that the pit has gone, the waste heaps (tips) have been landscaped, and there has been much house building on open fields.

panoramic view of kiveton

Click on the picture to get the larger 440k 6000 pixel wide detailed version. It will pop open in a new browser window but your browser may pop up a button to allow you to see it in it's full detail.

It's impossible to get this high over kiveton on foot now as the waste heap has been landscaped and much reduced in height.

I took a 360 degree panoramic series of photos with the rest of Kiveton plus Woodall, Harthill, and Wales on the horizon - if I have the chance I'll scan and stitch the lot together some time soon.

The modern (Jan 2007) view is shown in these 3 huge images. Click on an image to get the full size version in a new browser window (you may have to full size the images in the browser and scroll around inside it).

panoramic view of harthill woodallSouth - Harthill/Woodall/M1 motorway 3 Meg image

panoramic view of harthill woodallNorth - Wales/Kiveton5 Meg image

panoramic view of harthill woodallKiveton/Old Station 3.5 Meg image

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