Schools, Property statistics, etc.

The website UpMyStreet gives you details of house prices, school league ratings, local businesses and services, crime stats, and lots more. Just enter the postcode of the area you're interested in below. The general post codes S26 (Kiveton Aston etc.), S25 (Dinnington, Anston etc.), S66 (Thurcroft etc.), S21 (Killamarsh etc.) cover most of the J31 area, but you can enter what you want, e.g. your house's post code, the code of a house you're thinking of buying, whatever.

If you don't have a postcode you can also enter a location name, e.g. 'killamarsh' to get stats on that location.

The links page also has some links to the larger local school's websites.

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Transport links

For transport and travel into, around, or out of the area, these links should be of use. The local airport is now the brand spanking new Doncaster/Sheffield/Robin Hood/South Yorkshire airport (rapidly being refered to as Doncaster Airport for obvious reasons) at the old RAF Finningly site. It has UK, European and some trans continental flights. And having used it I can heartily recommend it - much better than a 2-3 hour slog to Stansted for a 2 hour flight to Italy or Spain!

For shorter journeys I've included links to local train, bus companies, and taxi's

Doncaster 'Robin Hood' International Airport

- South Yorkshire's new local Airport, a 25 minute taxi drive from the J31 area taking flights from/to Italy, Spain, USA, Mexico, etc.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive's website, for local bus and tram timetables and services

National Express Coaches website for long distance coach travel

Network Rail's website, for national and local train services

www.thetrainline.com to buy rail tickets online

KJN Private Hire8 seater J31 area private hire - ideal for family/group runs to/from airports etc.

For details of the National Cycle Network (e.g. the transpennine trail) try the SusTrans website.

Des's Taxis for a J31 area taxi company.

For details of the National Cycle Network (e.g. the transpennine trail) try the SusTrans website.

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