The Red Lion and the A57

Red Lion pub restauraunt Todwick crossroads

Like the Yellow Lion in Aston and the Leeds Arms\Loyal Trooper in South Anston, the Red Lion was built at least partly to service the coaching trade. Built in 1790 as a stable, guest house and hostelry it has since been very extensively extended (mostly in the latter part of the 20th century), and now in 2006 is a restauraunt, hotel, and pub servicing the locals and passing traffic on the A57 heading to Sheffield and the M1 motorway. There's also a couple of dozen rooms to let, so all in all it's a modern version of its 1790 role as a coaching inn!

The A57 is to the right of the picture below. Seen also on the Anston pages, this is the view a couple of miles further east. The A57 was the main road between Lincoln and Liverpool. This section of the A57 is a notorious accident blackspot that claimed 6 lives in one accident in June 2000.

Red Lion car park

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