Annette Wade kindly sent me this photo of Thurcroft Colliery Aid Team from 1940. I think it's a uniform version of the Mine's Rescue and first aid team that every coal mine had. I presume the steel helmets are worn because this photo was taken in 1940 which was the start of the second world war, and the steelworks of Sheffield just 10 miles to the west were prime targets for German night bombers. Their shadows look short, so if the sun was high in the summer sky, then maybe France had just fallen,and the Battle of Britain was in progress? A very high tension time for all in the UK.

Pit aid team
Thurcroft Colliery Aid Team 1940

Annette's Granddad is Robert Bell, shown arrowed. If anyone can supply the names of other members of the team I'd be very grateful.

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