When the canal near the Old Station pub near to Kiveton was dredged, the 100+ year old sludge was dumped on the old colliery slag heap (it makes rich topsoil) and was found to contain lots of old bottles like these! Presumably they were chucked into the canal from the bridge outside the Old Station pub, where they lay for a century of more before being dredged up and dumped.

old bottles dredged up from the canal

bridge near to Kiveton Park station

The beer bottle has written on it 'Hardy and Martin, Kirkby and Stavely, the Rylands 4 Bottlemakers, Barnsley'. The rubber seal around the top of the bottle was intact, as was the spherical glass seal. The small container is possibly for rolling dice. Such moulded glass bottles came into production from the 1850 or so, and according to the BBC Antiques Roadshow have a value of about £5 each circa Nov. 1999.