Here are two doorways in one. The bigger one is a 1,000 year old Saxon archway, the smaller door build within the Saxon doorway is a Nornan arch, circa 900 years old. The Normans often tore down or extensively extended existing churches and cathederals in order to emphasize their power, the rebuilt churches\cathederals being more imposing that the Saxon building they replaced.

saxon doorway laughton

laughton church

(picture above by Alan Robson)

The Normans are known to have destroyed many Norse, Celtic and Saxon buildings, including churches, cathederals, and castles, and building larger and more imposing Norman structures in their place.


laughton church

The 185 foot octagonal section spire (well, the bottom 20 foot of it anyway).

high street laughton

The spire seen from High Street.

laughton church graves

Graveyard scene, Laughton church.

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