Laughton --> Roche Abbey walk route

If you're into ancient buildings, nice walks, and geology, there's a excellent 2 or 3 hour 6 mile circular walk to be had from Laughton en le Morthen to Roche Abbey, via Brookhouse.

Laughton en le morthen to Roche Abbey Roche Abbey ruins Laughton en le morthen to Roche Abbey

You can start at either end, there are parking places in Laughton and Roche Abbey. It's interesting geologically because Laughton en le Morthen is mostly on a hill that is an island of Permian limestone 299 million years old (myo) that formed when England was near the equator in warm shallow seas, surrounded by Upper Carboniferous coal measure rocks over 300 myo comprising mudstones and thin coal seams formed in swampy conditions. If you look carefully in the stream bed of Hooton Dike you may see black coal rich pebbles. At Roche Abbey thick strata of Permian limestone can be seen again (and which the Abbey is made of). The limestone is noticeable by the lush meadows it forms due to its good drainage. All of the collieries to the east of Laughton had to drive their shafts through the Permian rocks before they even got to the coal measures.

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