Just outside Woodall and Harthill is the location of Pebley. I say location as it's seems to be a little more than a fishing pond and a pub.

The pond is a private fishing site (as a beligerant angler told me when I wound up there on a walk one Sunday). The pub is down a country road, about 400 metres from the service road that leads up to the Woodall services on the M1. The photo below is of the pub across the fields just outside Woodall.

pebley pub

pebley ponds

hartill pebley ponds aeriel view
The photograph above is an aerial view showing how close Pebley pond is to Harthill Ponds. They are connected by a brook and thence to Kiveton and the Chesterfield Canal (it was originally made to be a feeder reservoir for the canal back in the 1770s).

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