This picture was kindly supplied by Colin Dalton whose mother attended Dinnington Junior Girls (School) during 1933. Thankfully, this photo names all the people in the picture (a rarity for photos this old, but a boon to genealogists and historians).

BACK ROW: Marion Casrill, Ivy Redfern,Gladys Chapman, Mary Goose, Marian Fielding, Nora Norbury, Nancy Jenkins, Betty King, Joan Wigmore, Irene Elliot.
THIRD ROW: Ivy Smith, Nellie Baker, Frances Allasop, Jenny Gee (?), Peggy Harrison, Agnes Travise, Nancy Taylor, Elsie Hook, Ena Ward, Joan Roberts.
SECOND ROW: Grace Skinner, Minnie Lynch, Kath Graham, Alice Mellors, Muriel Radford, Louie Chambers, Daisy Hancock, Edith Evason.
FRONT ROW: Edith Bradley, Sylvia Bowers, Elsie Hibbert, Gwen Atkinson, Joan Cutts, Gwen Lamb, Edith Price, Winnie Chidlow, Lily Newby.

Dinnington Junior Girls Class of 1933

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