There are four junior and infants schools in or close to Swallownest\Aston cum Aughton, below is the Fence Junior and Infants school in early 1999.

Fence Junior school

In 2000 it was renovated and now the eagle on the roof has moved!

Junior and Infants school

Junior and Infants school

Of more general local importance is Aston Comprehensive School, a modern 1960s built school. It accepts pupils from other local towns and villages such as Beighton and Treeton who are bussed here during term time. It also houses the local library and a swimming pool.

Aston Comprehensive school

Life as a pupil at Swallownest Junior Schoo in 1940-46 (and a photo of it today) is described by an ex pupil at swallschool1940.

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