The pictures below are from Rodney Shaw's collection. The photo below shows the annual outing from a Fence or Woodhouse Mill chapel by wagon
cart to Roche Abbey (where the photograph was taken). Rodney dates it at circa 1895-1905.

daytrip from fence 1900

The ball below is not a prop football in a publicity stunt. Apparantly, during the depression era or 1930-38 a craze swept the land called Pushball. According to one online enclycolpedia "PUSHBALL, a game played by two sides on a field usually 140 yds. long and 50 yds. wide, with a ball 6 ft. in diameter and 50 lb in weight. The sides usually number eleven each, there being five forwards, two left-wings, two right-wings and two goal-keepers. The goals consist of two upright posts 18 ft. high and 20 ft. apart. (see The team below is the Fence pushball team and as you may be able to guess, this tournement was sponsored by the Daily Mail newspaper (good value sponsorship really - it's still being read 70 years later!). Funnily enough, the game never really took off.


Rodney knew the names of some of the players:: 2 = John Siddall (of Fence Farm), 3 = Harry Shaw, 5= Arthur Davies, 8 = Fred Duckenfield, 9 = Joe Godfrey, 11 = Leonard Shaw.
Below is the Fence cricket team circa 1930.

cricket team 1930

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