The Lord Conyers pub in Wales Square is named after an ex local aristocrats from the 16th century. Geoff Nuttall has researched their history and published his results. In his own words his book is described:

"Who was Lord Conyers?" is the title of a new book by Geoff Nuttall, a member of Lord Conyers Morris Men. The book describes the lives of all who have held the barony of Conyers from the first Lord Conyers in 1509 to the death of the last in 1948. Their specific involvement with Sockburn, Hornby Castle, Aston, Kiveton Park and Brocklesby is explored. The story starts with Conyers the dragon slayer, the man who killed the Sockburn Worm. The evolution of the Conyers family is explained, and a unique feature describes how the barony of Conyers passed from their own family name through the female line to the illustrious families of Darcy, Osborne, Lane-Fox and Pelham. Their is a wealth of political and military achievement together with fascinating insights into the colourful and sometimes turbulent lifestyles of the 14 people who held the Conyers barony. The book is 116 pages with 30 colour prints and 47 black and white prints, most of which have never been previously published. The book can be purchased from various local outlets including Kiveton Park Library at £4.95. Copies are also obtainable from Geoff Nuttall at 3 Broad Dyke Close, Kiveton Park, Sheffield S26 6LF, E-mail address Cost is £6.10 if post and packing required. "

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