M1 motorway wales

The M1 motorway, looking north towards Meadowhall, taken from the bridge at Wales.

The M1 connects London with Leeds and was the first major motorway in the UK. It reached the South Yorks area from London 140 miles south in about 1968. It now slices between the 1000 plus year old village of Wales and nearby Waleswood. Nearby it goes over the top of a disused railway tunnel and the chesterfield canal tunnel. It was also built through the site of the old Wales Church Cricket Club which subsequently closed.

See also the 1970 picture of Woodall services about 2 miles south of here.

M1 junction 30 and clowne aeriel view

The photo above is an aeriel view of the M1 motorway at junction 30. The town to the left of the junction is Clowne in north Derbyshire.

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