Below are some 'white city' houses (these in Kiveton build circa 1952).

White City Kiveton

After World War II (post 1945) there was a real need and political commitment for housing of a better quality than the small smokey terrace houses that the workers had had to live in before then. Money and materials were scarce and a quick fix solution was these houses - steel frames clad with pre fabricated white concrete slabs - the white cities. They were considered pretty desirable at the time (early/mid 1950s) as they were far more spacious and modern that the terraced 'pit houses'.

Many local mining villages such as Aston and Dinnington had such post war estates, some of which by the 1980s were crumbling as the steel frames corroded. Ironically, many of the old (c1880-1920) terraces are still standing and with modernisation make fine houses (21st century cottages even). Many of these steel and concrete constructions are earmarked for demolition or have actually been knocked down by 2005 e.g. in Kiveton and Laughton Common. Few mourn their passing and even fewer advocate preserving them.
I was born in one of the houses in this picture, so I have the in on this particular story.

In June 1999 it was announced that most of the Kiveton estate would be demolished. By November 2001 about half had been demolished (in Laughton also) and few others were inhabited, as shown when you look up the same street below (Nov '01)...

In 2005/6 the site was finally cleared and a brand new private housing estate built on the old white city site.

white city kiveton

white city kiveton

See also the also ex white city in Laughton Common and the still white city in Killamarsh.

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