Kiveton Park School, Junior & Senior Dept 1909

Junior and Senior pupils, Kiveton School 1909

Back row

Middle row

Front row

Ethel Roger


Bert Meese



Albert Emmerson



Worthy Cope

Mary Soar

Harold Lipscomb

Laura Caudwell

Edith Fowkes

George Baffey



Bert Hall

Harriet Holroyd

Annie Butler

Frank Emerson

Millicent Fowkes



Ivy Boffy

Nellie Heath

Frank Cope

Millicent Soar

Laura Jackson

Sam Caudwell


? Holroyd

Billy Meese

Ethel Cope

Lily Rogers

Leonard Sayles


? Ilsley

Enoch King


? Bagshaw

Tom Holroyd

Harry Holroyd

Emily Fowkes

John Cope


Lavinia Caudwell

Mr Bennett Wood (Headteacher)

Miss Thomas


Infant pupils, Kiveton School 1909

Infant Dept 1909

Back row

Middle row

Front row


Miss Russell (Head teacher)

Ivy Stones

Ernest Hirst

Jack Wragg

Annie Deakin

Wilf Batty


Connie Meese (Mease?)

Ernest Newbold

Ralph Hancock

Freda Burr


Leonard Banner

Muriel Newbold

Ethel Kirk

Bertie Caudwell

Dorothy Scott

Sam Sheldon

George Lebond

Liza Butler

Hector Moore

Jack Fowkes

Agnes Sissons

Ernest Lebond

Percy Thornton


Jack Scott

Ernest Pritchard

Millicent Collins

Edgar Trenham

Herbert Chapman

Gwen Stapleton

Cecil Harvey


Mary Sysons (Sissons?)

Bill Tristram



Miss Archer

Seated with board

George Bass

Tom Chambers

Fred Ross

Many thanks to Mike Caudwell for supplying scans of these family photos to this website.

Mike also added (in 2008) 'the young child Bertie Caudwell shown in the 1909 infants picture (fifth boy top left) is my grandfather (i.e. Harry Caudwell's dad). There are various other great uncles and aunts [of Mike's] in the pictures, including Sam Caudwell (who became a chicken and pig farmer).

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